The Benefits of Using Aluminum Tape


When it comes to Aluminum Tape there are a number of different types one can choose from. Each one of which has been developed and designed for a specific task and will perform reliably every time that they are used, no matter what situation they are to be used in. As you will soon discover there is going to be an adhesive tape from 3M which will meet your own particular requirements perfectly.

Test Adhesion for the best rule of thumb - literally! Stick your thumb to a different variety of tapes samples. You will immediately feel which ones don't stick well enough. Don't even consider those; just throw them away, avoiding mistakes. Use the samples that do pass this first rule of thumb test and move on to the next step.

Ask your suppliers technical questions. The tape's technical specifications may be in different formats and based on the different standards. Some suppliers present the best available data, not the average or minimum numbers. Analyse carefully - you have personal experience now.

Adhesive tapes are used in construction and are well known to professionals. For example, aluminum tape, also called reflective tape, or simply foil tape is a necessary component for installation of ventilation, air conditioning ducts, and other air conditioning components. Whenever insulation facing joints are sealed and glued, another variety of the comes handy. This is so called insulation tape or FSK insulation tape or reinforced tape. Strictly speaking, reinforced tape is a common name, because there are a lot of different types of reinforcements. The common component of reinforced tape is a layer of aluminum foil that can be supported with fiberglass mesh, paper, or combination of these two, which will be a popular FSK insulation tape. Fiberglass fabric can also be used for reinforcement, and this foil/fiberglass fabric combination creates a very high quality flame retardant tape that is used for the demanding applications.