Some Knowledge of Aluminum Foil Insulation


Foil insulation produces better results with less material than other types such as fiberglass. It also reduces the amount of vapor condensation. Other types of insulation can have problems with condensation buildup.

When installing dryer exhausts always use foil tape which is easily located online or at hardware stores. Make sure to cover all cracks and any place that looks like air might escape from the line.

Another reason to use tape is because screws inserted into the feed line can be a place where lint can build up over time. And don't be stingy with the foil tape, use plenty to make sure you have a good seal.

Simple as it may sound, inspecting and repairing your home's air conditioning duct system can be hot, sweaty and risky. Most likely, you will be required to enter the crawl space. In some events, you will also need to enter the attic. Furthermore, you may have to work with home insulation materials, restricted maneuvering space and darkness.

Foil insulation must be installed with an open air space, if not; you will lose all of the potential benefits. In addition, to get the full effect of the moisture barrier, you must tape the seams of the insulation.

The best aluminum foil insulation is made with multiple layers of foil along with soft wadding. It can contain up to fourteen layers of material, which is about twenty-five millimeters thick.