Some Advices of Tape Advice


In order to make the right choice, you really need some personal experience with the product, so let me share mine with you to save you some valuable time. The tests below do not pretend to be scientific, or a replacement for lab tests, but they will teach you the basics.

Make strips of tapes 1/2 inch by 3 inch and stick them together in pairs (face to face, glue to glue). Try to pull each pair apart with your fingers. See which aluminum foil will rip and which will hold. Compare results and choose the strongest ones only to continue testing.

From the remaining samples make some more 1/2 inch by 3 inch strips and mark them. Remove the protective paper and light one of the samples with a match from one end. Keep the strip at a 45 o downwards angle. Do the same with every strip, and you can dismiss the ones that burn with black smoke and do not self-extinguish.

Compare technical data. Ask your suppliers technical questions. The tape's technical specifications may be in different formats and based on the different standards. Some suppliers present the best available data, not the average or minimum numbers. Analyse carefully - you have personal experience now.

Mount it to a building, post, fence, or other sturdy object by using screws or other fasteners. (Many companies will predrill the sign for you if you request it). This method is both cost efficient and sturdy.

Use double sided tape to mount the sign to a wall, door or other flat surface. Be sure to use this method on a smooth surface as the double sided tape will have more surface area to adhere to and be less likely to form air pockets which could lead to the tape detaching itself from the surface.

A few other things to consider when installing your custom aluminum sign.There are some advice of our Aluminum Tape.