How to Correctly Use Duct Foil Tape


All you need to know about reflective duct foil tape can be found in this article, which provides an overview of the material and its usefulness. When you use reflective duct foil tape, you are in effect stopping the movement of heat, because foil acts a radiant barrier in summer and winter climates. It has been found that radiant barrier foils works best in summer due to higher temperatures. Heat movement is based on the principle that it tries to move to cooler places, hence when an object's temperature rises, the amount of radiant energy emitted increases at a higher rate.

There has been much research conducted by different bodies to test the best methods to install aluminum foil insulation products. The best method as indicated by the research would appear to be putting the foil as close as possible to the heat source.

A tip on purchasing reflective duct foil tape for insulation is that remember always buy laminated reflective foil, you will get two or three layers of high reflection foil separated by thin plastic mesh layered between the foil sheets, which will help create a small air space between each layer. These products are immune to dust build up, whereas with single layered duct foil tape, dust build up will lessen the performance considerably.

Reflective foil tape can be used on the slanted undersides of roof rafters and also rolled out on top of attic insulation. For attic purposes, use perforated radiant foil to allow for water evaporation to the outside of the house. In winter, it is advisable to check the underside of the foil layer for moisture, if moisture collects, then increase the number of perforations.

As a rule of thumb, do not expose your duct foil tape insulation to direct sunlight, because its excellent radiant energy reflection properties will melt plastic or even start a fire. Stretch the foil tight when installing it, as drooping foil will form shallows that catch the full concentration of the sun's rays and may be considered an accident waiting to happen.