Best Aluminum Foil Tapes For You In Chinaaluminumfoil


Foil tapes or Tape Aluminum Foil are used to seal seams and joints of the sheet metal ducts and their connections to the flexible duct. Foil tapes are also often used in the air conditioning to seal joints of flexible ducts to the air grills. So to speak, foil tapes in the air conditioning and ventilation industries are used as often as a thread in the garment industry – whenever you need to join parts and seal the seam from leaks – aluminum foil tape is used.

As for the insulation industry, in now days, it is a common practice to use fiberglass insulation along with the vapour and radiant barrier (so called facing). Since vapour/radiant barrier is, typically, aluminum foil reinforced with Kraft paper and fiberglass yarn scrim, another kind of tapes is designed to seal joints of radiant and vapour barriers. Usually, adhesive FSK tapes are applied on the similar insulation facing. Thus FSK tapes are used for FSK faced duct wrap, FSK faced duct boards, or FSK faced insulation in many types of residential and commercial buildings. Simply speaking, for the normal performance of insulation facing or radiant barrier every joint has to be sealed with the adhesive FSK tape.

The professional grade aluminum foil Tape is best for normal to heavy-duty applications. This foil tape retains the malleability of annealed aluminum foil, but it features a higher tensile strength that makes it great for industrial purposes. Foil tape is available in a variety of thicknesses and sizes and with three types of adhesive, including acrylic, premium acrylic, and rubber. The premium acrylic adhesive boasts all the features of regular acrylic adhesive plus extra sticking power. Rubber adhesive is an affordable alternative that is ideal for applications that require a high initial tack.

There are many other kinds of tapes used for the air-conditioning, heating, ventilation industry as well as for the insulation.