Aluminum Foil Tape For Ventilation


When you need cabling or wire for your next project, purchasing materials off-the-shelf that integrate seamlessly with the other components of your design is typically easier said than done. Most commercial and industrial applications simply have too many unique aspects or components to them. In these cases it helps to have an expert in custom cable manufacturing in your corner to give you advice on selecting and procuring the best raw materials for your project. Here is your guide to what goes into manufacturing custom cable.

Adhesive tapes are used in construction and are well known to professionals. For example, aluminum tape, also called reflective tape, or simply foil tape is a necessary component for installation of ventilation, air conditioning ducts, and other air conditioning components. Whenever insulation facing joints are sealed and glued, another variety of the comes handy. This is so called insulation tape or FSK insulation tape or reinforced tape. Strictly speaking, reinforced tape is a common name, because there are a lot of different types of reinforcements. The common component of reinforced tape is a layer of aluminum foil that can be supported with fiberglass mesh, paper, or combination of these two, which will be a popular FSK insulation tape. Fiberglass fabric can also be used for reinforcement, and this foil/fiberglass fabric combination creates a very high quality flame retardant tape that is used for the demanding applications.

Adhesive tape is used for various applications in many industries. Tapes come in wide variety of different types and each of them is designed to serve specific tasks. For example, in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (so called HVAC industry) adhesive tape or so called pressure sensitive adhesive tape are used to seal mechanical ventilation systems and insulation joints.

As for the insulation industry, in now days, it is a common practice to use fiberglass insulation covered with the vapor and radiant barrier (so called facing). Since vapor/radiant barrier is, typically, aluminum foil reinforced with Kraft paper and fiberglass yarn scrim, another kind of adhesive tape is designed to seal joints of radiant and vapor barrier. Usually, adhesive FSK tape is applied on the similar insulation facing. Thus FSK tape is used for FSK faced duct wrap, FSK faced duct board, or FSK faced insulation in many types of residential and commercial buildings. Simply speaking, for the normal performance of insulation facing or radiant barrier every joint has to be sealed with the adhesive FSK tape.