What is Mylar Tape?



Mylar Tape  is made up of biaxially oriented polyethylene terephthalate (BOPET) polyester film.  The generic term for this material is Polyester Film or Plastic Sheet.

Mylar Tape Strength and Durability

Due to the strength and durability of this product, this metalized polyester tape is an adhesive film often used to protect maps and other paper items.  It is used as a barrier layer so that people can write on it without damaging the actual map.  This decorative Mylar film tape can be used for encapsulating irregular shapes, enclosing any archival applications.

What is Mylar Tape made of?metalized mylar tape

Mylar band is a able polyester blur that was developed in the aboriginal 1950s. The coated polyester blur or artificial area is bogus in a ambit of altered styles, finishes and thicknesses. It is able and transparent, giving it a advanced ambit of uses. This cool hot anchored band is accepted to endure hundreds of years. It is not calmly broken or beat out.

Another appellation for this cogitating band is “flash” band acclimated for a bridle and creating beheld and aural agitation for a bird to elude.

The array of this blur band is 2.1 mils with an adherence of 45 ounces per inch for stainless steel. Mylar band has an advancing continued abiding acrylic aluminum blur that aswell contains cogitating bedding and comes as a 3m bifold sided tape.

Metalized Mylar Band is able to bear temperatures in balance of 300 degrees Fahrenheit, UV resistant, and will not besmear over time. This artefact is dimensionally abiding and flexible; it appearance top reflectivity of both ablaze and calefaction radiation, accomplished calefaction attrition and simple disentangle characteristics.

Mylar is aswell a DuPont apathetic Melinex or a acceptable equivalent. Added uses of this specific adhesive band cover splicing applications, photo-sensing, cogitating shielding, automated & clear arts; adorning trim and commercial display. It is aswell accomplished at abatement rattles and squeaks, acclimated as blanket on paper, and for barter caps and added areas area a acceptable allowance adjoin acclimate and dust is desired.