What Aluminum Foil Tape For Ventilation



The aluminum tape was an excellent choice as it did not lose its shape, or adhesion, and did not deteriorate over time. Despite of the challenging temperature conditions, the tape proved to be a reliable, but simple solution.

For almost anything you do in insulation, air conditioning, or ventilation, the installer would need a roll or two of a good quality self adhesive tape, and a wide choice of these products is available.

Foil tape or the most common aluminum foil tape is used to seal seams and joints of the sheet metal ducts and their connections to the flexible duct. Foil tape is also often used in the air conditioning to seal joints of flexible ducts to the air grills. So to speak, foil tape in the air conditioning and ventilation industries is used as often as a thread in the garment industry - whenever you need to join parts and seal the seam from leaks - aluminum foil tape comes handy.

Adhesive tapes are used in construction and are well known to professionals. For example, aluminum tape, also called reflective tape, or simply foil tape is a necessary component for installation of ventilation, air conditioning ducts, and other air conditioning components.

Another crucial component of the tape is adhesive. Its properties define how convenient the application will be, how long the tape will stay in place, and what the service and application temperature is. Some adhesives tend to melt before the boiling point, some burn with the heavy black smoke, others may withstand 250oF and higher and will not support burning.

As a result, the good tape is a combination of the good backing material, (for example aluminum foil), and a good adhesive. It may sound a little complicated, so let's see what other people, non professionals, can say on this matter.