Uses of Mylar Tape


Mylar tape is one of those polyester products that has been run in the market for quite a long a time. Mylar is a product with lots of different properties which makes it a favorite material for many other things. Besides, it has numerous uses at different places. As soon as they launched in the market, they replaced cellophane sheets which were earlier in use, as Mylar sheets are lot more stronger than cellophane and resistant to many other natural forces. The following are some applications of Mylar tape, see as follow.

Packing: It can effectively prevent food from infrared rays and hence is used as a food packing material. It further improves its ability to seal. It is also used in the solar cooker. Mylar reflective material is very good. It is used in the fires of thought. It can be used in agriculture to protect plants from direct sunlight for the plants are not damaged and may be protected from sunlight. Generally, Mylar tape can reflect up to 92% of the sunlight. It is also used in the glass window to prevent scratches.

Electronics: Electronic goods such as LCD, CRT, plasma TVs are made with Mylar tape. More glass, Mylar tape coating is made to be anti-reflective and anti glare. It is used in data storage devices like floppy disks, audio CDs, hard drives, etc. Speakers, microphones and membrane material are also manufactured using this tape. Since it is very fitting, it is used in printing technology as well. That preserves the footprints for long.

Medical: This tape is used in medical x - ray and packaging. The test strips are also made using a Mylar tape.

Industrial: As the Mylar tape can withstand up to 178.83 degrees Celsius, it certainly is widely used in industrial applications. It is also economical for industrial purposes. It is used for insulation because it is isolated to electricity in all environments. Also, it is used in marine applications for high performance, mainly used for the construction of sails.

Well, according to different uses, different kinds of Mylar tapes are manufactured. So, when choosing Mylar tapes, you’d better depend on your applications, otherwise, wrong tape may not work or not work well with your projects. Since there are so many suppliers and manufacturers providing Mylar tapes these days, you can search online in advance to find a most suitable supplier. With comparison, you can not only get best products, but also best price.