Things You Should Know About Foil Tape


It’s common knowledge that, despite Aluminum foil , cloth-backed duct tape is not a good choice for seaming any kind of mechanical insulation. So what should you use? We advocate that ECHOtape’s aluminum foil tape is the right tool for the task at hand. Read on to learn the 5 most important things you should know about our product and why it performs on the job.

It offers extreme temperature versatility

Our foil tape works in temperatures ranging from 248°F to -22°F and can be applied in temperatures ranging from 14°F to 104°F. Most tapes do not perform well in cold temperatures. Severe cold hardens the adhesive and diminishes sticking power of the tape. If you are applying the tape under cold conditions, it may not stick at all. Conversely, excessive heat can melt the adhesive on some tapes, rendering it useless.

It’s a abundant addition to mastic

Foil band is a admirable apparatus to use in abode of mastic. It’s not blowzy (the bigger check of mastic) and uses beneath accessories (no charge for old clothes, eye protection, gloves, acrylic brushes, bead clothes, etc.) It doesn’t charge added accouterments such as area metal screws, atom metal, and dry bank cobweb to allowance ample areas and it can be acclimated to allowance holes in a boiler or air handler.

It’s able to authority up over time

In construction, burden acute tapes are generally acclimated in areas that are buried (like housewraps or insulation) or ambagious (such as HVAC ducts). Which agency they cannot be calmly repaired or replaced. When you accept a band for a job you wish to apperceive that it’s traveling to authority up for added than a few years.

Our antithesis band is advised to last. Due to its acrylic adhering technology, it offers bigger cohesion, adhesion, and thermal adherence than a band with a elastic adhesives. To put it addition way, antithesis band is advised to authority up to temperature fluctuations, acknowledgment to UV ablaze and added solvents that would commonly appulse and breakdown the adhering capability of added types of tape.

It’s fabricated with an acrylic adhesive

Why does this matter? Most aqueduct tapes are fabricated with elastic adhesive—either accustomed or synthetic. This makes them abortive at absolute aqueduct plan because the top calefaction temperatures delaminate the adhering from its backing. Some constructed elastic adhesives action a greater ambit of temperature functionality but they aswell accept lower automated strength, accept poor crumbling resistance, and do not book able-bodied beneath UV light.

On the added hand, acrylic tapes are accepted for their aloft durability. They accept the acute temperature versatility mentioned aloft and aswell abide to accomplish able-bodied afterwards continued acknowledgment to UV ablaze and accept top crumbling resistance. Since acrylic adhesives are arctic in attributes they band able-bodied to arctic surfaces, such as metal, by creating a magnetic-like allure that is stronger than what can be produced with a elastic adhesive.