Basic Knowledge of Mylar Tape


Based on several combination of finishes and thickness, there are different varieties of Mylar films. Mylar sheet is made using a liquid polyethylene terephthalate and crystallized using hot rollers. These leaves are rolled in different directions. There are 5 types of cards are available and 4 types of finishes are available. Different types of Mylar films are moralized barrier coated. Various finished Mylar films are clear, mist, white and black. Its thickness varies from 11.5 um to almost 350 um.

Generally, these are used in covering electronics, packaging, industrial, marine, solar applications. Mylar has high rigidity, reflective properties, tensile strength, and it could be the best place to keep documents. These films reflect up to 85% of sunlight, even the ultraviolet rays and infrared too. These films can join, even in extreme environments, and therefore, used by scientists for experiment too.

These films are not contaminated by water or gases. Mylar films act as good insulation in both cold and warm conditions. There are various other characteristics of Mylar, including a high and low shrinkage in different direction, high stability, wear high-power, low coefficient of friction, etc. There are many sizes, colors that are available in Mylar films. To change its roughness and smoothness to increase the desired substance can be added as well. These materials also increase their use and add new properties. Different types of chemicals and inorganic materials may be added.

In addition, the Mylar film is environmental friendly, as it contains no heavy metals, no plasticizers, non - toxic and is safe. It is also one of the main reason why they are consumed in large amount. These polymers are light. It is therefore necessary to replace heavy-weighted materials such as metals. The main advantages of this polymer is that they can be recycled. Because of its advantages from its application are increasing, this material is the replacement of many other materials. You can not ignore the importance of plastics in daily life. Polyester is a replacement for such coatings and the coating films are used to increase the lifetime of any brittle material or to beautify the various objects presentable.

In a word, Mylar film is one of those product that is among the best sellers in the market, thanks to its diverse physical and chemical properties.