Aluminum Foil Tape-What are the Features


Aluminum foil tape or aluminum adhesive tape is manufactured with a pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive developed particularly for duct wrap insulation and to seal and seam FSK or foil faced fiberglass duct board. It provides an effective vapor barrier protection and superior sealing. This tape comes with a tough acrylic based adhesive on one side of the foil which ensures a firm and a lasting bond over a wide range of temperatures.

There are various types of aluminum foil tape with each type having different specifications. It is developed using a soft aluminum foil with a thickness ranging from 18 to 40 and 50 microns, and synthetic rubber adhesive or solvent based acrylic adhesive. The release liner is Eco-friendly coated with 75gsm silicon white release paper.

Due to the quality raw materials used in the manufacture process, the aluminum foil tape offers static shear strength, excellent anti-aging performance, air tight bonding, and high adhesion force of up to 25N/25mm. It is also easy to use due to its good flexibility allowing it superior performance and structural stability at a wide range of temperatures.

Various types of adhesive aluminum foils are coated as per their uses and application. The aluminum foil is easy to tear and use. A key feature of this shiny aluminum tape is its superb light and heat reflection to protect against U.V. degradation and harsh temperatures. The aluminum foil also provides an excellent barrier against flame, dust, moisture, and various chemicals such as ones used in aircraft paint stripping masking.

Besides, aluminum foil tape also has hot and cold insulation property, a radiant barrier and a vapor barrier, making it suitable for extensive use in tubes and lead joining for refrigerator, air conditioner and water heaters, and temporary repair for aluminum or steel mufflers, truck bodies, and metal containers.

In a word, aluminum foil tape not only offers superior U.V., temperature, and solvent resistance, but also is suitable for harsh, long term outdoor application, and on curved and irregular surfaces for a wrinkle free application.

With good resistance to smoke, water vapor, and other HVAC duct contaminants, this aluminum tape is ideal for use in HVAC industry to seal and join and aluminum foil faced duct wrapping materials. The aluminum tape comes in various types, including reinforced foil facing, reinforced aluminum foil tape, aluminum foil reflective insulation and others. You can choose the one that most suitable to your specific application.