Aluminum Strip what are performance and usage and classification


Aluminium is obtained by rolling aluminum ingots band, different grades and specifications, in accordance with purpose. Aluminum Strip for many things such as: Aluminum-Plastic compound pipes, cables, optical fiber cables, transformers, heater, shutters, etc.


Aluminium strip


Aluminum strip processing technology of aluminium strip is a coil slitting processing aluminium products. Is an important raw material in industry.


According to aluminium alloys were supposed to be different, aluminium and aluminium are the same is also divided into 8 series. But the current series for 1000,3000,5000 and 8000 series


According to the aluminum Strip annealing States, aluminium and can be divided into soft (o) is half hard (H24) full hard (h18). Should belong to the whole of the current most commonly used soft series, because o more easy stretching and bending.


Aluminum Strip is the main equipment of the units as needed into desired length, width. Minute strip processing equipment are common, of course, copper coil can also be processed, processing product called the copper strip.


Raw materials for electronic products now no longer relies solely on copper, because of the conductivity of aluminum just below the copper, aluminium instead of copper belt, has become a popular trend.


Classification of aluminum Strip


Aluminum alloy with category: pure aluminum, transformer Strip, super hard aluminium, flexible aluminium strip, semi-rigid aluminum belt, rust-proof aluminum.