Aluminum Foil-Not Limited for Food


As everyone knows, aluminum is a silvery white chemical element and is one of the most abundant metals on earth. Due to the soft, durable, and lightweight nature of aluminum, it is used for various industrial as well as household purposes. It is used in transportation, construction, lighting and power distribution, making electronic appliances, substrate materials, and making many household products like cooking utensils, watches, and even baseball bats. It is used in packaging and food industry, for example, making food preservation cans, foil, and other storage mediums.

Then, what is aluminum foil? Aluminum foil is nothing but aluminum alloy. It is a thin metal sheet with really minimum thickness of about 0.2 mm or less than 0.0079 inches. This foil contains about 92% to 99% of aluminum. It is available in various widths as well as lengths. It is versatile due to its various chemical properties, for instance, it is pliable and bends really easily. You can use it by bending it into any shape that you wish. It is why this foil is useful for wrapping various objects.

Interestingly, in the later 19th and early 20th century, tin foils were in common use, due to which some people still call aluminum foils as tin foils. The reason why tin foil was replaced by aluminum was because, tin gave the food item a distinctive metal flavor, while aluminum did not. In the year 1910, in Switzerland, it was used as a protective barrier between the food and tin, and was introduced to the US in 1912.

The two best uses of aluminum foil are in the field of packaging and cooking. In fact, it is a great barrier to oxygen and light. Since both these elements change the texture and taste of food, foil is used as a protection. That way, you can retain the original flavor and moisture level of the preparation, and also avoid any sort of bacterial contamination.

Considering this fact, it is used for packaging dairy products, drinks, moisture sensitive foods, odor sensitive foods like tobacco, pet foods, baked goods like pies and cakes, and all the take away meals and snacks.

Along with wrapping cooked food, this foil is also used while cooking. The best use while cooking is done for making BBQ recipes and especially delicate food items like mushrooms and other such vegetables. You can easily learn how to grill vegetables in foil and enjoy better tasting food with less moisture loss. Using this foil in microwave, however, was a bit harmful in earlier days. The electric field of a microwave creates an opposite charge with the foil and causes sparks in some cases. Nonetheless, today, oven and microwave ovens are designed in a flexible way and one can use foil in them. But, whenever you are using foil in oven, make sure that it is designed for microwave heating. When you use aluminum foil on a grill or in oven, make sure that these appliances are preheated for some time, for better results.